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NEMY RIVERA, R.I.P.  We are sad to report the passing of our good friend NEMY RIVERA last January 20th.  Known as Father of Philippine Christmas Seals, Nemy was instrumental for the Christmas Seals section of our website.  His knowledge and enthusiasm kept the hobby alive.  We would like to extend our condolence and prayers to his family.  Nemy Rivera will be forever remembered.














Note:  Pacita Madrigal Gonzalez.  Possible error in the spelling of name:  Official records of Philippine Senate has her name spelled as GONZALES (not Gonzalez)




The Perum Peruri stamps.  We heard from several collectors from Manila about the Popular Fruits issue and many observations, mostly not favorable, are:  because of the large perforations and thick paper, they are very difficult to tear apart;  the paper surface is not glossy but matte, so the stamps look so dull compared with Amstar printings.  The printing looks so inferior in quality as many stamps are not well-centered – color mis-registrations were noted in some sheets.  It seems that Amstar, the local printer, can do a much better job.  Do we really need to go outside the country to print stamps that are more inferior in quality?


2016 REVISED VAT SURCHARGES.  Circular No. 15-69 dated December 21, 2015 was signed by current OIC / PMG Joel Ottara imposing a 12% VAT on ALL products and services of Phlpost. So now it will cost 12% more, rounded up to the next peso, to mail anything starting Jan 2, 2016.  The VAT charges are now incorporated with the new postal rates as follows:

Type of Mail Old Rate New Rate
(after 12% VAT is added)
Local (Intra) P10.00 P12.00
Inter by Land P12.00 P14.00
Inter by Air P15.00 P17.00
Zone 1 (Asia) P30.00 P34.00
Zone 2
(Middle East, Australia & New Zealand)
P35.00 P40.00
Zone 3
(USA, Canada, Europe)
P40.00 P45.00



2016 STAMP PROGRAM (Tentative)





January 14 Valentine's Day, 25p (Scented stamps)



February 10 Tagawayan, Quezon, 75th Anniverdsary - 15p
February 15 Leprosy Awareness & Control Week - 15p
February 19 City of Bago, Negros Occidental, 50th Anniversary - 15p



March 19 1st Quarter Topical - Fiestas, 15p



May Traditional Musical Instruments -  15p Se-tenant B/4, 60p Souvenir Sheet
May 2nd Quarter Topical - Ternos by Ramon Valera, 15p Se-tenant B/4 (Silk stamps)



June Inauguration of 16th President - 15p



August Rio Summer Olympics - 15p Se-tenant B/4, 80p Souvenir Sheet of 4 (20p x 4) (Round stamps)
August 3rd Quarter Topical - Philippine Treasures from the Collection of Ayala Museum, 20p x 4 Se-tenant B/4 (3D Embossing & Spot Lamination)



November National Stamp Collecting Month, 70th Anniversary, First Republic (1946) Stamps - 15p x 3, 40p Souvenir Sheet
November National Teachers' Month - 15p
November 4th Quarter Topical - Orchids, 15p Se-tenant B/4, 60p Souvenir Sheet
November Christmas Lanterns - 15p Se-tenant B/4 (Intaglio Printing)



December 2017 Year of the Rooster - 15p, 30p MS 16, 200p Souenir Sheet (Round Stamp, 3D Embossing, Gold Foil)



  Philippine National Bank Centennial
  Mars Ravelo's Darna (Superheroine)
  MMK Commemorative
  Philtrust Banking Corporation
  People Power Anniversary
  Antonio Luna 150th Birth Anniversary
  Phlpost Mailing Centers - 1p, 12p, 14p, 17p, 23p, 28p, 34p, 40p, 45p, 100p

February 3, 2016

2016 RP Issues

2016 Tentative Stamp Program


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