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International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS)

1974 - 2014 - Forty Years of Dedicated Promotion of Philippine Philately

Thousands of Collectors the world over have decided to collect the stamps of the Philippines .... Have You?


















January 31, 2014.  Year of the Horse Special Souvenir Sheets

Launched January 30, 2014, with 100 copies made available, some of which were autographed by Philpost Postmaster General & CEO Josie dela Cruz sold during the launching ceremony (limited to one per person).  This is the first ever gold-foil stamp with 3D embossing of the Philippines.  Special project of Mr. Enrique “Eric” Tagle,  Manager, Business Lines Department, Philpost.










July 23

Apolinario Mabini – 150th Birth Anniversary, 10p x 3, Se-tenant Strips of 3, Miniature Sheets of 9;  40p Souvenir Sheets

July 25 University of Mindanao - 10p x 2, Se-tenant Pairs
July 27 Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) - 10p x 3, Se-tenant Strips of 3; plus, Personalized Sheets of 6



August 1 Paintings by Cory Aquino (Scented) - 25p x 4, Se-tenant B4, Miniature Sheets of 8;  100p Souvenir Sheets



September 11

Topical:  Summer Destinations “It’s More Fun, the Philippines"

September National Family Week
September Pilipinas Shell Centenary




Quezon City - 75th Anniversary

October 20 Leyte Landing - 70th Anniversary - 10p



November 100 Years Scouting in the Philippines - 10p x 2, Se-tenant Pairs;  30p Souvenir Sheets


National Stamp Collecting Month

November Philippines-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 110th Anniversary, 10p x 2, Se-tenant Pairs


Christmas – Giant Lanterns of Pampanga



December 13 Topical:  Festival Masks


Year of the Goat – 2015 Chinese New Year

Stand alone issuance:  Surigao Treasures (gold foil);  Laguna Copper Plates (copper foil), Pinoy Komiks Heroes (embossed)


July 22, 2014

2014 RP Issues

2014 Stamp Program (Tentative)

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