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Ngo’s 2014 Catalogue of

Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries,  Volumes 1 & 2


Two hard-bound volumes (6 ¾” x 9 ¼”) comprising a total of 1,100 pages professionally printed using high quality offset printing on glossy, coated paper.  Total weight 2.8kg.  Covers with the   titles gold foil-stamped and all the pictures UV spot-laminated.  Limited Printing of only 250 sets.  Click here for more details.
















2015 STAMP PROGRAM (Tentative)


2015 VAT Surcharges.  Starting February 4, all philatelic items, such as Souvenir Sheets, FDC envelopes, souvenir folders, presentation frames, etc. will have a 12% VAT (Value Added Tax) added to the price, with postage stamps as the only exemption.  For example, the Pope Visit B/4 is still P40 (no VAT) but the P200 Coinage SS will now be P224 (P200 + P24 for the 12% VAT added). For the B/4 FDC, it will now be P48.96 (P40 for the B/4 stamps plus P8 for the envelope + P0.96 for the 12% VAT on the envelope). For the Coinage SS FDC, it will now be P336 (P200 plus P24 for the 12% VAT on the SS, plus P100 + P12 for the 12% VAT on the envelope).   All previously issued Souvenir Sheets and FDC envelopes that are still available for sale will be levied the same 12% VAT surcharge.





September 4 Bureau of Immigration - 75th Anniversary, 30p Jumbo-Sized
September 5 President Elpidio Quirino, 125th Birth Anniversary - 15p
September 8 N.V.M. Gonzales - Birth Centenary; National Artist for Literature - 10p
September 23 Philippine Jellyfishes - 30p x 7, MS/7
September 25 Manila Observatory - 150th Anniversary - 15p
September 27 Miguel Malvar, 150th Birth Anniversary
September 28 San Miguel Corporation,125th Year - 15p x 2 Se-tenant Pairs; 40p Souvenir Sheets (die-cut - shape like beer bottle)



October 5 Western Union, 25th Anniversary
October 9 Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade - Se-tenant Pairs
October 15 Manuel Conde - Birth Centenary;  National Artist for Cinema - 10p



November 10 National Stamp Collecting Month:  Stamp Collecting (Artwork) (Self-adhesives)
November 11 Philippine Wildlife
November 12 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) 2015
November 25 Pasko 2015 (Provided by Bridges Foundation, Inc.)



December 1 Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) - 80th Anniversary
December 1 Year of the Monkey - 2016 Chinese New Year


August 26, 2015

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