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Welcome to all!

In this modern age of technology, how else do you promote something you are passionate about that will reach the most number of people? 

Creating a website!

Thus, the birth of

This website is dedicated to the promotion of Philippine Philately, in particular, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES, which covers the period of 1946 to the present. 

New stamps and other philatelic items will be covered, giving details as to first day of issues, values, printers, paper types, perforations.  Information as to the designers and artists involved from the time of conception to completion will be included.  There will also be a short write-up about the issue who or what is being honored and other vital information we deemed important.

Along with stamps, other aspect of Philately will be covered: 

  • Christmas Seals

  • Errors, Freaks & Oddities (EFOs)

  • Flight Covers

  • Postal History

  • Postal Stationery

  • Specimen Stamps

  • Topical / Thematic Issues

There will be a special section we call Library which will feature interesting and helpful articles.

One of my favorite periods of Philippine Philately is the one right before the Republic.  The period of 1942 to 1946, or, the World War II era.  As a side collecting interest, we will feature issues of the Japanese Occupation and the Liberation/Victory issues.

In our hopes to give you the best and most comprehensive coverage, we have engaged the help of our friends who are known in their fields of expertise.  We will be joined by no other than the well known Philatelic Specialist on the Republic, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak.  We will also be joined by the undisputed Father of Philippine Christmas Seals, Nemy L. Rivera.

I hope you will find this website interesting and helpful.  New issues will be published as soon as they are announced by the Post Office.  Updates to the website will be made as often as we can indicating what they are.

So, welcome and we hope you visit often.

Linda Stanfield




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