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  • Anti-TB Semi-Postal Stamps of the Philippines

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1910 - 1947

The double-barred cross is known as the international symbol for the crusade against Tuberculosis and appears in most of Christmas Seals, usually in red.


1910.  Dr. Jose Rizal,  National Hero

Issued by the Philippine Islands Anti-Tuberculosis Society

Printer:  Bureau of Printing, Manila;  Roulette 7


CS1.   Rizal's Portrait with double-barred cross behind portrait  (500,000)


1935, August 19.  President Manuel L. Quezon.

Commonwealth Period.  Se-tenant pairs


CS2.  Green / Blue Green

CS3.  Dark Brown / Light Brown


To the left is Quezon's portrait along with the inscriptions "Antituberculosis Birthday Celebration for President Quezon August 19, 1935." 


To the right is the Anti-TB logo and the inscriptions "Greetings to President Quezon, Antituberculosis Birthday Celebration, August 19, 1935, From -----".. 


The double-barred cross is in white instead of the usual red.  No other details known.

1940.  Elizalde Christmas Seals

Printer: Imprenta Germania, Manila

Concept:  Federico V. Colman;  Artist: Cesar F. Legaspi

Issued in horizontal strips of 5  ( 5 x 1 panes); Rouletted


CS4.  Farmer Plowing Field (20,000)




1941.  Elizalde Christmas Seals II

Printer: Imprenta Germania, Manila

Design & Artwork: Victor Loyola

Issued in vertical strips of 5  (1 x 5 panes); Rouletted


CS5.    Baptism of Sultan Ali Mudin of Jolo in 1750  (20,000)

CS5a.  Man in foreground in orange coat instead of red


1946.  The Yellow Maverick Seal

Miniature Sheets of 6  (3 x 2 tete-beche pairs, with horizontal and vertical gutters)

PM 4S, Perf. 11;  Sheet size:  11 1/2" x 11 1/16"

CS6.  TB Cross and "Help, Give Enough"

(No other details known)

1947.  President Manuel L. Quezon

Printer: Eureka Specialty Printing Co., Pa., USA

Artist: Diego Celetino

Issued in sheets of 100  (10 x 10); Perf 12 1/2 x 12; Imperforate


CS7.   Quezon's Profile, with partial view of Quezon TB Institute   (56,600)

CS7a.  Imperforate 


Note:  Left and Right Margins of full sheets are with straight-edges.


7-Stage Progressive Color Proof, Perforate 12 1/2 x 12  (quantity unknown)

(Yellow, Pale Blue, Yellow + Pale Blue, Red, Yellow + Pale Blue + Red, Blue, Complete design)


 The 1946 Maverick Yellow Seal


Articles by Nemy L. Rivera


Award Winning Christmas Seals

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