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23 December


Another ERROR?  Recently issued Pacita Madrigal Gonzalez birth centennial could possibly have the name spelled incorrectly (again????).  Doing a research on Philippine Senators, Pacita is listed as GONZALES and not GONZALEZ as shown on the stamps.  In fact, her short bio states she was married to Atty. Gonzalo Gonzales.  Could it be possible that maybe this time, the Philippine Senate is wrong? 


22 December

FDC Cancels.  We received several complaints from local collectors in the Philippines about the designs of official FDC cancels.  Why are they making recent cancels with such tiny dates most collectors will need magnifying glass to read what the date is? In fact, even with magnifying glass, one cannot be sure of the dates!  Compared with FDCs from other countries – their cancels have readable text.


21 December

Why, Oh Why????  Collectors cannot understand why the cost of the three FDC envelopes for the recent Popular Fruits were priced at P40.00 plus VAT each instead of the usual P8.00.  The FDC envelopes all look similar except for the fruits on the lower left corner -  Mangoes for the Dec. 10, Young Coconut or Buko for Dec. 11, and, Jackfruit for Dec. 15.  None of these fruits are depicted on the stamps that were issued.


20 December

Phlpost has a new Officer-in-Charge (OIC).  Director Joel Ottara was appointed to take over former PMG Josie dela Cruz.  He will serve as OIC until a new OIC or Postmaster General is appointed by President Aquino or by the newly elected President of the Philippines.


16 December


Take note specialists.  New definitive stamps featuring fruits popular in the Philippines printed by Perum Peruri (Indonesia) were issued beginning December 15 (FDC cancels state December 10, 11 & 15).  This is the first time for our stamps to be printed in Indonesia and we should note that a new perforator, Harrow Perforator, was used.  This is a type of perforator wherein all stamps are perforated in one stroke causing top, bottom, left & right margins to be IMPERFORATE.


12 December


News Flash!!! We just learned that Ma. Josefina M. Dela Cruz filed her Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) as a substitute for her brother, to run again as Governor of Bulacan on December 10 (last day for filing).  She submitted a copy of her CoC and letter of resignation as Postmaster General the same day.  A Republic Act provides that the Board of Directors of Phlpost should convene within 48 hours of vacancy and appoint an Officer-in-Charge (OIC) until such time as a new PMG is appointed.



28 November


N.V.M. Gonzalez issue.  Recent postings in the facebook page of NCCA (National Commission on Culture and the Arts) mentioned that plans are being made to re-issue the NVM stamps with correct spelling - GONZALEZ instead of Gonzales.  We hope this plan materializes.  Here is the link to NCCA -



21 October


We just learned that a new design for the APEC issue will be released in November, in time for the APEC Summit.  It will now be at 30p each, instead of 10p.



18 October



APEC issue, what happened to it?  Although a stamp bulletin was published by Phlpost regarding this issue, slated for October 12, the stamps were put on hold even though they have been printed and ready for issuance.  Manila is the site of the 2015 Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit and each member economy was requested to issue a stamp to commemorate this momentous event.  The same stamp bulletin no longer appears in Phlpost website as of October 14.

Rumours in Manila has it that the APEC Organizing Committee, supposedly, did not approve of the stamp design because two of the flags featured are not State/Country flags;  they are flags of member "economies" not of member States, therefore, should have not been included.  Can we take a guess?


10 October



Is it one issue or two separate issues?  The Miguel Malvar stamps were issued September 27, 2015, commemorating his birth centennial.  First Day cancellers for Manila and Sto. Tomas, Batangas are both dated September 27.  The Mahaguyog Festival First Day cancellers, again for both Manila and Sto. Tomas, Batangas are dated October 2, 2015.  Both issues are inscribed “2015-C-39” with “1 / 2” for Malvar, and, “2 / 2” for Mahaguyog.  First Day Cover envelopes for both issues have the same printed cachet, that of Miguel Malvar.  According to the inscriptions, this is one issue of two different designs.  Why the different dates on cancellers?  Shouldn’t this issue be called simply “Sto. Tomas, Batangas”?  or “Pride of Sto. Tomas, Batangas”?   I wonder what the thought process was when the Stamp Committee discussed this particular issue??????  On the other hand, with two different issue dates, shouldn’t this be considered as two separate issues?  According to Phlpost stamp bulletins, they are;  but according to the inscriptions on the stamps, they are not!  I guess the Stamp Committee members cannot make up their minds?????

It was brought to our attention by some enthusiastic students of Philippine philately,  that the Malvar issue is inscribed 2015-C-39 - with "C", a designation for Commemorative issues;  while the Mahaguyog issue, also designated as "C", is not a commemorative, but rather a "Special" issue, and should have been inscribed as "S".  Another proof that these are two separate issues???  Therefore, a separate FDC envelope should have been issued instead of the one with Malvar's photo, same envelope used for the Malvar FDCs.  "C" and "S" designations have been used by Phlpost.


10 October

Upon examination of the latest two issues, we noted that:  the Manuel Conde stamps were available as early as October 6, 2015 even though they were not supposed to be until October 15;  however, the Mahaguyog Festival was not issued until October 6, when they were supposed to be available October 2, 2015.   First Day Covers of both issues bear the correct dates.


10 September


Is it Gonzalez or is it Gonzales?  In 2014, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) used “Gonzalez” when referring to N.V.M. Gonzalez;  however, a year later, it became “Gonzales”.  Recent stamps issued by Phlpost honoring his birth centenary used GONZALES.  When you google NVM Gonzales – only NVM Gonzalez come up, including websites, facebook, biographies, awards, books – all with NVM Gonzalez.  Which is which?


18 August

What follows 32?   Is it 33 or is it 34?  For those of us who collect new issues of the Republic, it seems that issue # 2015-33 is missing.  The Cory Aquino Paintings Series 2 is labeled as 2015-32, but the issue following that, ASEAN Community, is 2015-34.  What happened to Issue # 33?  Serial numbering was introduced starting January 2, 2012, for the 60th anniversary of Lyceum, to allow collectors to know if they miss any issue.


19 June


Although the PEZA stamps were issued April 20, 2014, the Souvenir Sheet for this issue was delayed due to printing problems.  The souvenir sheet was finally issued June 18, 2014, and is considered part of the April 20 issue. 


01 June


Perforations of new issues.  We have examined the perforations of some of the new issues of 2014 and 2015 and have corrected them (based upon  actual copies of stamps and souvenir sheets).  For those who want accuracies, issues involved are all of the Jumbo-sized stamps, Special souvenir sheets for Year of the Horse & Goat, Santo Nino and Textile souvenir sheets, 100p Fruits. 



31 March



The Israel-Philippines joint issue stamps are now available for purchase.  Issued by Israel Posts in Miniature Sheets of 15 with 5 tabs.



 02 March.


Effective February 16, new rates for domestic registered mail went into effect.  See above listing.  “Intra” is posted from one province for delivery to the same province; “interland” is posted from one province for delivery by land to another province; while “interair” is posted from one province for delivery by air to another province.  Congratulations to Phlpost for always thinking of ways to help the public save on their postal needs.

15 February.

The Stamp & Philatelic Division established in 1947 with a three-fold task of printing & distribution of stamps and promoting philately, no longer exists. It was recently relegated to one division - Postshop Philately & Museum Division.  This is a link to the original establishment of the Stamp and Philatelic Division as written by its former Chief, Teofila L. Garcia:  "The Stamp and Philatelic Division and Its Role in the Postal Service".

13 February.

More new stamps added to the 2015 program, including a third Mama Sita issue.  Check our listing of Tentative Program.

The stamps featuring Jellyfish will use Thermal ink (another first)

The National Stamp Collecting Month issue will be self-adhesive (another first).

12 February. 

2015 VAT Surcharges.  Starting February 4, all philatelic items, such as Souvenir Sheets, FDC envelopes, souvenir folders, presentation frames, etc. will have a 12% VAT (Value Added Tax) added to the price, with only stamps exempted. For example, the Pope Visit B/4 is still P40 (no VAT) but the P200 Coinage SS will now be P224 (P200 + P24 for the 12% VAT added). For the B/4 FDC, it will now be P48.96 (P40 for the B/4 stamps plus P8 for the envelope + P0.96 for the 12% VAT on the envelope). For the Coinage SS FDC, it will now be P336 (P200 plus P24 for the 12% VAT on the SS, plus P100 + P12 for the 12% VAT on the envelope).   All previously issued Souvenir Sheets and FDC envelopes that are still available for sale will be levied the same 12% VAT surcharge.


10 February.

Pope Francis Coinage issue featured in Linn's Stamp News Digital Edition (January 26) under the title "Pope Francis stamps popular in the Philippines" by Denise McCarty.  Click to link to the article.





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