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Studies and articles on Philippine Christmas Seals

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          By Nemy L. Rivera, Father of Philippine Christmas Seals 

By Other Authors

The OMRON Overprints on Philippine Christmas Seals

Award Winning Christmas Seals of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society

The 2009 Christmas Seals of the Philippines:  Pinoy Art on Wheels

PTSI  Wins 1st Place in Paris Annual Christmas Seals Exhibit and Contest

Philippine Anti-TB Sweepstakes Tickets


Beauty and Values Abound in the Philippine Christmas Seal Collection


Essays of Philippine Christmas Seals


Early Single Die Proofs of Philippine Christmas Seals


The 1940-1941 Elizalde Christmas Seals


The 2008 Christmas Seals of the Philippines


The 1910 Rizal Christmas Seals


The 1935 Quezon Strip Seals


The 1946 Maverick Yellow Seals


The History of Christmas Seals


The Philippine Tuberculosis Society






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