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1946, December 30.  Dr. Jose Rizal, National Hero, Martyrdom 50th Anniversary.  Overprint.  Bureau of Printing.  Manila.  Commonwealth issued  Rizal Postal Card overprinted VICTORY.  Reissued with red overprint over the indicia (portrait of Rizal) “Philippines, 50th Anniversary Martyrdom of Rizal 1896 – 1946”.



2c  Rizal, Brown with Red Overprint  - (150,000)

-  Short Dividing Line

-  Short Dividing Line with red overprint shifted upwards

-  Dark Red Overprint

-  Light Red Overprint, almost Orange

-  Red Overprint shifted upwards

-  Red Overprint shifted downwards

-  Red Overprint shifted to the right with "U" of "United" undeleted

-  Red Overprint shifted to the left with "A" of "America" undeleted

-  Red Overprint shifted to the left with "CA" of "America" undeleted

-  Various fly-spec varieties




First Day of Issue - With Short Dividing Line and Red Overprint Shifted Upwards




Color Varieties:  Light Brown & Red;  Dark Brown and Red




Red Overprint Shifted Upwards



Red Overprint Shifted Downwards;  Indicia on left printed lower on card



"U" of "United" Undeleted




"A" and "CA" of "America" Undeleted due to red overprint shifted to the left








Various Fly specs:  "PHO",  '"IP",  "IN",  "LL"




These cards are known to have been privately overprinted for commercial purposes:





Manila Steamship Company - Shipment Notification at the back



Serafin Salvador - Political Campaign






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