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2013, December 2.  Year of the Horse (2014 Chinese New Year)

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf 14

Singles, Miniature Sheets of 10;  Souvenir Sheets of



10p  Manigong Bagong Taon - Singles  (55,000)

30p  Happy New Year - Singles   (55,000)


Miniature Sheets of 10  (5,500)


80p Souvenir Sheets of Four    (7,000)



First Day Covers:  Manila



Phlpost Official FDC envelopes



Privately Issued FDCs




2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse. In Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2014 is the Chinese Green Wooden Horse Year. The New Year Day is on February 4, 2014 in China Standard Time.

Chinese like Horses for many reasons.  Horse provides a good and quick transportation for people before automobiles. Horse can give people a ride to their destination. Therefore, horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success.

Horses like to compete with others. They pursue their freedom, passion and leadership. Therefore, people will have busy schedule for their goal in the year of Horse. In Chinese Five Element Horoscope, Horse is connected to fire, red and heat. Also, horse is a social animal and red is also connected to love, therefore. horse is treated as a Romantic Star in Chinese Horoscope.

Horse is an intelligent animal. Horses need to be trained to become useful to human. Humans can make Horse famous. Without human's guide, Horse is just a wild animal. It doesn't know where to go. There is no destination in its life.  

In Chinese Five Element theory, Horse is in the Fire group. Horse month is in the middle of summer. Horse is the strongest Fire animal in 12 zodiacs. 2014 is year of Wooden Horse. Wood can help Fire to burn. So Fire can last longer. When Horse meets Tiger and Dog, then they will form even stronger Fire. Too much Fire implies the hot temper and no patient. If the element of Fire is favorable to the person, then the person should have a good fortune in 2014. If Fire is unfavorable to the person, then 2014 will bring big trouble to the person. 





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